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Our Interests

We regularly assess the funding needs for projects based on the Foundation’s priorities at the time of application. Our current priorities include:

    * To support programs that combat disease and hunger, especially among children.
    * To support groups and organizations that promote education and economic develop
    * ment in poor communities in Asia and Africa.
    * To support programs and organizations that educate and promote awareness
       of environmental issues.

Ideal Candidates

The Didier Rault Foundation makes grants to effective, high quality organizations that:

    * Are responsible, accountable and produce substantial, measurable results
    * Can provide a well-structured plan for effective dissemination of grant resources
    * Demonstrate outstanding potential
    * Demonstrate a proven track record of achievement

The Foundation is only able to allocate funds to an extremely small number of the organizations.

Ineligible Groups and Projects

The Foundation does not make grants to individuals, fraternal organizations, political causes or candidates, or to fundraising events.

Grant Proposals

Prospective applicants are invited to submit their grant proposal to the Foundation in a short letter or email (less than 2 pages). Please describe the program or organization seeking the grant and explain the mission, the budget and the past achievements of the program or group. Documentation of previous success is also encouraged.


As The Foundation makes grants throughout the year, there is no set deadline for proposals. However, please allow 2-4 months for a response to your proposal.

Grant proposals should be addressed to:

The Didier Rault Foundation
12 B Place Saint-Francois
1003 Lausanne

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